Knee Scooter – Mobile Rehabilitation Device

You may have heard of a knee scooter (also called a knee walker) or even seen someone scooting around town on one of these devices but not really known what it’s use was for.

At first glance and depending on the age of the person using the knee scooter, if it happens to be a much younger person it may appear that they are simply having fun on some sort of toy like a razor scooter or a skateboard but this is hardly the case, in reality the person is typically injured! This is because the general appearance of the knee scooter is not like other rehabilitation devices. Under normal circumstances a knee scooter is used to be a replacement for devices such as crutches or wheelchairs, think of it as a combination between the two devices. But what are the advantages of a knee scooter?

For the most part the advantage of the knee scooter comes down to the type of injury that you have or your current physical condition. Here’s a scenario where you may find that the device is ideal for your injuries or where another rehabilitation device may be better.

Why the Knee Scooter?

Let’s take for example a scenario where someone has injured their knee during a weekend outing while playing soccer with their kids or with friends. If the injury is bad enough then they will not and should put any pressure on the knee in order to avoid further injury, give it time to heal, and speed up the amount of time that they will be injured altogether. If the only part of their body that is injured is the knee then most likely knee scooter would not be the best decision for them because they would need to place their knee onto the cushion of the knee scooter which would be applying pressure and strain on it. So when someone mentions a knee scooter it shouldn’t be thought of as a device which helps with the rehabilitation of a knee injury.

More Muscle Usage with a Knee Scooter

Now let’s say that someone injured just their ankle while playing outdoors. If no other part of their body is injured then crutches could be used and most often is. On the other hand, let’s say that someone was injured in a car accident. They suffered an injury to their ankle and their upper body, like an arm or a shoulder. This may be an ideal scenario for the use of a knee scooter to rehabilitate. Crutches would not be an option because you need to be able to support your body with your shoulders and arms. A wheelchair would work but may be a bit extreme in this case and would also cost you more money as well as make your other uninjured leg weaker since you would not be using it.

If you have injured a specific part of your leg and are unable to walk on it, but at the same time you have very weak upper body strength then crutches are simply not going to work for you as your upper body is primarily used for the overall movement. With this device you can simply rest your injured leg on the cushion and push off with the other foot as you glide around. In some cases you may have one injured ankle and the other leg may not be strong enough to push off. In these cases knee scooters would not be ideal for the patient as you can cause more injury to the already weak leg. As with most medical situations it’s best to get your doctor or physical therapists advice as to what to use during your rehabilitation. In some cases they may have you use different rehabilitation devices at different levels of your body’s improvement.

Welcome to Knee Scooter .net

Here you will find information on exactly how a knee scooter works and how it compares to other devices that you may have available to you when you first begin your rehabilitation. It’s important to make the right decision on what you use to get yourself back to health because it can make all the difference on how fast your recovery is and how well you heal. Additionally, it could make your recovery all that more pleasant if you choose something that will not slightly injure other parts of your body like crutches which put strain on your upper arms or a wheelchair which doesn’t allow you to use the rest of your body and leads to the degradation of those muscles causing you to have to recover them after you are through targeting your injury recovery. All of the information on this website is not intended to be medical device but rather informational so you can learn more about these medical devices and find out what is best for you, even if it is not a knee scooter.